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Gluconite is an extra-strength sleep and blood sugar support formula with powerful breakthrough ingredients that work on multiple levels within the body to optimize metabolism and glucose regulation. The Gluconite supplement ingredients not only offer metabolism catalysts, reduced food cravings and enhanced sleep support, but work to increase weight loss results via optimizing healthy blood sugar levels while obtaining deep, sound, meaningful rest that ignites energy production for the next day.


Normal Blood Sugar Levels
Properly Functioning Night-time Metabolism
Controlled Hunger Hormones
All Natural Ingredients
Refund Policy Available


Why You Should Trust Gluconite

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What is Gluconite?

Everyone that has started a weight loss plan believes that they can reach their goal. Some people put their body into overdrive, getting up as early as they can to go on a jog before work or staying up late to prepare healthy meals in storage containers. If these changes cause someone to lose sleep, they often overlook it, but sleep is crucial to the body’s health. Gluconite was developed to be a natural sleep aid, but it offers more support for individuals who may want to shed the pounds they’ve gained from late nights.

Gluconite sets itself apart by supporting the body’s need for healthy blood sugar levels when the user is not awake. Most other formulas only regulate blood sugar near meals to manage the insulin response as it is needed. However, Gluconite focuses on improving the user’s sleep as part of the healing process. The brain needs to get enough sleep to regulate its various functions, including the metabolic rate. Studies show that individuals without a regular sleep schedule are prone to obesity, so the connection between a healthy weight and better sleep cannot be ignored.

With the ingredients involved in Gluconite, consumers should improve their weight loss and how quickly the weight comes off. The sleep changes will trigger better healing of connections in the brain that control how the body processes glucose and uses calories. Plus, by gaining control over how the body handles these calories, users may notice a difference in the foods they crave, reducing the amount they eat throughout the day.

Most people will see apparent changes in their body, appetite, and sleep within a few weeks of using the supplement. However, users are not given any particular promise regarding the amount of weight they’ll lose.


How Does this Formula Work?

Gluconite manufacturers say their formula keeps blood sugar levels in control with some natural ingredients known to do just that. Gluconite is also said to be a supplement that controls metabolism and regulates sleep cycles. As a matter of fact, this is how it normalizes blood sugar. The ingredients used in Gluconite are all-powerful when it comes to providing all these health benefits, not to mention they’re known to increase energy as well.

Diabetes is a severe health problem that causes many discomforts because it dramatically reduces the control one has over his or her own body’s blood sugar levels, not to mention it causes all sorts of hazardous complications. People suffering from this condition don’t have enough energy to go on about their everyday lives and quickly gain a lot of weight. In other words, their life is being ruled by all kinds of inconveniences. Besides, it differs from many other dietary supplements in its category and even chemical treatments for diabetes. It directly addresses any problem that may occur with one’s metabolism, especially the night-time metabolism. Gluconite comes in powder form. It just has to be mixed with water or any other beverage and consumed before bedtime. Said to regulate blood sugar and works while sleeping, it presumably solves all the problems associated with diabetes. To better understand how Gluconite works, one must find out more about night-time metabolism and blood sugar.

What are the Gluconite Ingredients Added?

The Gluconite formula has the same Greek mix list, and several vitamins and nutrients added to make the consumption more powerful. The best thing is that there are no harmful chemicals or artificial fillers included that make zero side effects.

✦ Hibiscus: It triggers night-time metabolism and drops the excess weight from the body with high energy. The compounds present burn the excess sugar and drops the sugar level in the blood.

✦ Brazil nuts: It helps to control blood glucose levels and reduces sugar cravings.

✦ Passion Flower: This extract manages healthy blood glucose levels by triggering night-time metabolism, controlling blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

✦ Chamomile: It provides you deep sleep and maintains the body’s natural ability, which gives you a better relaxation.

✦ White willow bark: It supports the kidney and heart’s healthy function and combats pain and inflammation.

✦ Hops: This extract affords you deep sleep and improves healthy sugar metabolism in the night to manage your body’s healthy blood levels.

✦ Stevia leaf: This natural sweetener supports healthy blood glucose metabolism by optimizing insulin levels.

✦ Melatonin: This nutrient gives you restful deep sleep.

✦ Tryptophan: It helps in controlling the serotonin levels and providing relaxation.

✦ Vitamin D: This vitamin boosts your immunity levels, supports better mood and focus.

✦ Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and A: This combination increases bone strength, supports immune and eye health

Gluconite Benefits

Below are the healths benefits that Gluconite promises to deliver, as per the product’s Online. It should be noted these benefits can’t happen in case the formula is not being consumed as indicated on its bottle:

➠ Normal Blood Sugar Levels: For the body to function properly, it’s of utmost importance that blood sugar levels are in order. If this doesn’t happen, then the most disturbing symptoms begin to develop. These symptoms include urinating excessively, feeling fatigued and dizzy, even fainting occasionally. When not kept under control, abnormal blood sugar levels can even cause coma.

➠ More Energy: If blood sugar is not normalized in the body, then sugar can no longer be burned so that energy is being produced, and this leads to feeling tired after performing any task and no longer being able to continue with an everyday life that feels fulfilling. According to Gluconite manufacturers, this supplement increases energy levels because it helps the body turn sugar into energy.

➠ Properly Functioning Night-time Metabolism: As stated above and according to what several health experts say, the night-time metabolism has to be regulated if it’s for blood sugar to remain at normal levels and the body to be healthy. Gluconite is said to support night-time metabolism.

➠ Better Focus: Because Gluconite claims to help the body turn excess sugar into energy, it can easily be deducted that this formula also supports cognitive function. The brain requires a lot of energy to remain sharp. Therefore, Gluconite can also be called a supplement for improved concentration and focus.

➠ Controlled Hunger Hormones: Ghrelin is the body’s hunger controlling hormone that gives the sensation of being full after consuming a meal. But if blood sugar is not kept in check, ghrelin is no longer produced at the necessary amounts, leading to feeling hungry all the time. And with more food consumed, blood sugar levels become increasingly abnormal. It’s good to know that Gluconite promises to regulate hunger hormones, and this also keeps blood sugar in control.

➠ Rapid Weight Loss: Since diabetes is a condition that usually appears as a result of overeating, Gluconite is also aimed at burning extra fat and calories, and especially that extra fat tissue from around the abdomen. This is possible because it controls not only blood sugar but also the hunger hormones that accentuate cravings. When you have a normal appetite and are not consuming too many calories, people’s bodies don’t have a harder time turning fat into energy and keeping extra weight.

➠ Better Sex Life: Diabetic sufferers and people struggling with abnormal blood sugar levels also have some serious problems in the bedroom. But since Gluconite addresses the main causes of this, mainly by keeping blood sugar levels in order, it can be said it’s also a sexual booster.

Does it Cause any Drawbacks?

Unfortunately, you can get the Gluconite product only through its Online and not through any other platform or store. It means you need a strong internet connection to order the supplement if you wish to buy it.


Gluconite Pricing

Gluconite costs $69 per bottle, with discounts available to drop the price to $49 or $59 per bottle when ordering multiple units.

It’s not available in stores or through any other online platform.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

• 1 Bottle (1 Month Supply): $69 + $9.97 Shipping
• 3 Bottles (3 Month Supply): $177 + Free US Shipping
• 6 Bottles (6 Month Supply): $294 + Free US Shipping



1 Bottle

30 Day Supply





TOTAL $297 $69



6 Bottles

180 Day Supply




YOU SAVE $1488

TOTAL $1782 $294



3 Bottles

90 Day Supply





TOTAL $891 $177


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Is Gluconite a safe supplement?

Yes. This formula is made from natural ingredients that are completely safe for the body. It is made specifically within the United States. Though the FDA does not approve supplements, it is made in the facility that has been approved by the authority.

2. What is the best number of bottles of Gluconite to order?

Most people find that the greatest impact is found after 90 days of use period to stock up on this formula for 90 days, the total number of bottles that the user will need to order is 3. Luckily, the company has several different packages to help users get the best deal possible.

3. What other features does Gluconite possess?

Gluconite is vegetarians friendly, has not had any reported side effects, and might be able to trigger weight loss because of it targets the metabolism as well.

4. Can anyone take Gluconite?

No, Gluconite is not recommended to people who have a pre-existing medical condition, pregnant or nursing mothers, and children under the age of 18. For optimal safety, individuals should consider consulting a health practitioner prior to proceeding.

5. What if Gluconite doesn’t work as suggested?

To avoid any dissatisfaction on the customers’ end, the team at Gluconite have decided to back this supplement up by including a 180-day money back guarantee. So, if the purported results listed above are not experienced, customer service can be contacted for a full refund. To reach the team, send an email

6. What if the remedy is not sufficient for the user?

Though the creators are confident that Gluconite works, users are still provided with the protection of a 180-day return policy.

7. Are there any possible side effects of Gluconite?

At this time, no side effects have been reported by the company or current users. Any side effects should be reported to the company immediately, and the user would need to stop consuming the supplement.

Gluconite Refund Policy: Can I Get a Refund on Gluconite?

Gluconite makes big claims about its benefits, and the manufacturer backs up those claims with a 180-day refund policy.

If you don’t experience “life-changing results” within 180 days of taking Gluconite, then you are entitled to a complete refund on your purchase.

Just contact the company to receive the return shipping address, and then return the empty (or partially empty) bottles back to the manufacturer.


Gluconite provides users with a multi-use formula that tackles many areas that suffer when they are stressed. The ingredients allow users to sleep better at night, setting off a chain of events that will regulate metabolism and balance out blood sugar levels with no other changes. That’s not to say that users shouldn’t engage in healthier habits (like better eating and adding exercise), but the changes are not required to see the success of Gluconite.

In closing, the Gluconite supplement for blood sugar balancing, metabolism boosting and deep sleep enhancement is one of the most complete and honest formulas on the market today. The high profile natural ingredients coupled with the rock solid money back guarantee make Gluconite one of the best supplements to try if you are struggling with getting healthy on your own and need an extra catalyst that is proven to support a multitude of whole body wellness functions.

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I’m so confident you’ll enjoy life-changing results that I’m prepared to back up Gluconite with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the next 6 months. Start taking Gluconite when you receive it at your home in a few days. You should notice your sleep improving from the very first time you take it. This is the first sign it’s working. Next, you’ll notice increased energy, improved focus and concentration. You’ll start to find it a lot easier to control your cravings. The fat should start to melt away from your frame at this point…and that’s when you can start checking your readings. If you’re not ecstatic with what you see in a few weeks or a month or two’s time then I’m only too happy to refund you every cent, including shipping.