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Tea Burn™

Tea Burn is a vegan weight reduction supplement made with essential elements known to efficiently boost metabolism. Unlike most fat-burning supplements that come in pill form, Tea Burn comes in powdered form, making it extremely convenient to use.


Tea Burn is the world’s first and only patented formula that is safe and natural, patent-pending, that works effectively when combined with tea.

Tea Burn helps increase both the speed and efficiency of your metabolism, where it works amazingly in your body. Tea Burn instantly boosts your health, energy, and overall well-being within days.

Tea Burn works for men and women to electrify their metabolism and keep fit. The added ingredients are 100% natural and free of side effects where they come exclusively from natural extracts.

Tea Burn allows your body to burn off those excess pounds in just a few days when you can have your own fat-burning furnace.

What Are the Ingredients Used in Tea Burn?

The ingredients used in Tea Burn are public information, so the customers are well informed about what they are buying. Thus, the decision to purchase or not to buy the product is in their hands. Many supplements claim to aid weight loss and improve metabolism; however, most add harmful elements to their product and keep the information hidden from customers. Using such products in the hope of losing weight gives more harm than benefits.

Such products are often marketing gimmicks. Even if they help customers lose weight, they leave them with side effects. That’s why you should thoroughly research brands, especially when buying products that affect your health, and we did the same for Tea Burn.

> Caffeine: When we talk about tea, no one considers adding a caffeine supplement. After all, that’s what coffee is for! So why does Tea Burn use caffeine? It might surprise you to know that tea in its natural form also contains caffeine, albeit in a minimal quantity, and this amount is insufficient to help you lose weight.

> Dosage: Due to the powdered nature of Tea Burn, it is important to consume it in the recommended dosage. As instructed by the manufacturer, add a single packet of tea burn to the tea every morning. It is safe to take with or without food.

> L-theanine and L-carnitine: These two amino acids give essential benefits to people looking to lose weight, and both of them have different advantages.

L-carnitine is responsible for elevating the body’s energy levels, ensuring that it has enough energy to make it through the day. L-theanine is present in green tea, responsible for controlling the side effects of caffeine like stress and jitters.

> EGCG (from Green Tea): Epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) is a plant compound extracted largely from green tea. Regarding the effects on weight loss, one source justified the combination of CGA and EGCG in great detail. In particular, animal studies have been cited to show the remarkable effects of this duo on insulin, blood cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. Additionally, they are believed to reduce leptin levels, leading to a reduction in weight and visceral fat (i.e. the type stored in the abdomen and around organs). Other benefits include the consumption of calories and the activation of a healthy group of fat tissues called brown adipose tissues (BAT).

What Are the Benefits of Using Tea Burn?

Drinking tea has plenty of sound effects on the body’s metabolism, as proven through several studies. It is considered healthy, and your body gets a chance to detox and cleanses itself as well. People are dependent on either coffee or tea as their morning beverage worldwide, and adding a beneficial supplement will boost the effects and give you extra advantages.

> Tea Burn is a completely natural and vegetarian product.

> It helps burn unwanted fats and increase energy..

> Tea Burn speeds up and improves the effectiveness of your metabolism.

> Tea Burn product has a nutrient that has been granted a patent.

> This tea has a powerful combination of vitamins that boost the immune system.

> Aids in maintaining weight loss

> Improves body circulation and decreases the risk of diseases related to obesity



Tea Burn 60-day, Money-Back Guarantee

Tea Burn Weight Loss will be available for you to test out for 60-days. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.5% who are not satisfied.

Consider this a trial run in case things don’t go your way. Tea Burn Reviews may work. If it doesn’t, you can ask for your money back.

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Is there any guarantee for a Tea Burn supplement?

-The Tea Burn offers a 60-days money-back guarantee.

Is the Tea Burn available on other websites?

-Tea Burn is only available on the official website only. And you will not get the original Tea Burn from any other websites.

Is Tea Burn safe?

-Yes, it is safe to consume the Tea Burn daily. The Tea Burn is manufactured in an approved and GMP-certified facility. And it is tested by a 3rd party lab for its safety.

What is the effective way to take Tea Burn?

-The suggested dosage of the Tea Burn is one pouch of the supplement with your morning tea.

How many days will take to get the Tea Burn?

-If you are in Canada or USA, you can get your order within 5 to 7 business days. International orders will take 8-15 business days.

Will Tea Burn work for everyone?

-For the most part, yes. This formula is made with a proprietary blend that includes tea, promoting increased speed and efficiency for the metabolism to burn through fat more effectively.

Do I have to take Tea Burn in the morning?

-Though the creators recommend use in the mornings, users can consume it at any time of day. Users should blend it with tea to improve effectiveness.

What is the refund policy for Tea Burn?

-This formula has a 60-day return policy, allowing users to get a full refund if they are unhappy with the results of the remedy.

Can I add Tea Burn to any beverage?

Yes, you can add the formula to any beverage you want. However, to get the optimal results, the manufacturers of Tea Burn recommend mixing the formula with tea.

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